Core Competences

歐洲研究所 博士班/Graduate Institute of European Studies Ph.D. Program

A.  獨立作研究的能力
    The ability to do research indendently.

B.  大學層次的教學能力
    Teaching capability in university level.

C.  獨立思辨的能力
    Cultivating students with indendent thinking.

D.  自我學習的能力
    Self-learning capability


歐洲研究所 碩士班(歐洲聯盟研究組)/Graduate Institute of European Studies Master Program(Division of European Union Studies)

A.  擴增歐洲的國際視野
    Broadening European knowledge and vision.

B.  培養自我表達與寫作的能力
    Cultivating students with self-expression and the ability to write academic reports.

C.  通曉歐盟的制度與運作
    Understanding the institutions and function of European Union.

D.  具有跨領域學科的知識
    Possessing the knowledge of interdisciplinary field.

    Developing future career potential and direction. 


歐洲研究所 碩士班(俄羅斯研究組)/Graduate Institute of European Studies Master Program(Division of Slavic Studies)

A.  擴增學生在俄羅斯研究領域的國際視野
    To broaden student's international perspective through the research of Russia.

B.  提升學生自我表達與寫作的能力
    To enhance students' capability od self-expression and writing academic reports.

C.  培養學生在俄羅斯歷史文化領域的人文素養
    To cultivate students' humanities accomplishment through the studies of Russian history and culture.

D.  增強學生的跨領域學科知識
    To provide students with the knowledge of interdisciplinary field.


E.  養成學生的職涯潛力
    To develop students' career potential and orientation.

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